Ramsey County History – Fall 1987: “Cattleman and Capitalists—And The Founding of New Brighton”

Gene F. Skiba

Cattleman and Capitalists—And The Founding of New Brighton
Author: Gene F. Skiba

The article covers the founding of the city of New Brighton and memories from early settlers. Minneapolis businessmen created the city hoping to be in the cattle business. They chose a location on Long Lake, set up their stockyards and rail connections, and, in 1889, organized the town. Only a handful of area farmers lived nearby. People soon came and created their civic and social institutions—clubs, debating societies, town bands, and the like. The Beisswingers were among the first to come and the first to stay. They came from Germany to farm, mostly selling vegetables in nearby Minneapolis. Daughter Rose preserved many memories of life in the young village: of school, social life, and dances. This account includes sketches of local characters and the Johnson family grocery.

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