Gibbs Farm is now open Fridays from 12pm-3pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm!

For Teachers

We will email your invoice following your field trip. We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We cannot take payment at the time of your field trip.

A Gibbs Farm staff member will greet you upon arrival. Please report the following information to them: Total # of Students, Total # of Teachers, Total # of Support Staff, Total # of Parent/Family Chaperones.

After exiting the bus, usher students to the grassy area south of the double gates and line up by classroom.

If your school is having lunch on site, before you arrive each class should place individual lunches into a large, easily transported tub, box, or bag. When you reach Gibbs Farm, place lunch containers in the location designated by Gibbs Farm staff. Please note that all groups are allotted 30 minutes for lunch.

Please notify prior to your field trip if you have students with accessibility/health concerns that require special attention so we can create the best tour experience for all students and their teachers.

Gibbs Farm cannot take payment for chaperone attendance the day of the field trip. Chaperones should pay the school or teacher coordinating the visit.

Prior to your arrival, please encourage family chaperones to assist with any hands-on activity stations (such as candle dipping or beaded bracelets) as instructed by Gibbs Farm staff. This helps students to finish their craft during the station and ensure a timely field trip experience.

If  students will be dipping candles, it is helpful for teachers to bring labels pre-printed with student’s names to identify everyone’s candle. Gibbs Farm does provide labels if needed.

  • If it is raining more than a light drizzle, Dakota Tours, SPPS Kindergarten Tours, and Combo Tours will be cancelled.
  • In the event of significant rain, Pioneer Tours will be cancelled.
  • In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning/Tornado Watch or Warning, field trips will be cancelled.
  • If an inclement weather event takes place while a field trip or other program is taking place, Gibbs Farm Management will ensure that visitors take necessary shelter or exit the site as quickly as possible (ex. children on school buses).
  • If there is a Heat Advisory, we may alter field trip  programs to take place in a way that provides time in the shade (or in cooler spaces), allows for water breaks, and limits physical activity.
  • If there is an Excessive Heat Warning, all daytime programs will be cancelled.
  • For field trips , if it snowed more than 6” the night/early morning before and the site cannot be plowed in time, the field trip will be cancelled.
  • If a field trip is cancelled due to inclement weather, Gibbs Farm will work with the school to reschedule if possible.

Gibbs Farm Map and Parking Information

Please note that Gibbs Farm does not arrange transportation.

The parking lot entrance to Gibbs Farm is located on Cleveland Avenue between Roselawn and Larpenteur Avenues. The drive off Larpenteur is NOT accessible to buses.

Buses should drive to the south end of the lot (near the small white building) to drop off students. Park in the north University of Minnesota lot adjacent to the Gibbs Farm main lot.

Chaperones driving separately may park along the wood fence that is clearly marked for site visitors

For Parents

Is your child attending a field trip to Gibbs Farm? Please read the important information below.

Gibbs Farm is a historic site and most field trips take place outdoors or in historic buildings. Please make sure your child is dressed to spend the entirety of their field trip outdoors.

Due to the outdoor nature of Gibbs Farm, inclement weather may cause your child’s field trip to be cancelled. Please refer to your child’s school or teacher regarding possible cancellation due to bad weather.

If you are chaperoning a Gibbs Farm field trip, please see the information below.

For Chaperones

Please assist teachers by guiding students off the bus and to line up by class in the grass south of the parking lot. Gibbs Farm staff will help direct groups.

Please help Gibbs Farm staff bring students’ lunches to the designated lunch area. Wagons will be available to cart the lunches.

Some field trips include hands-on craft activities. On occasion some students will need assistance with these, especially the beaded bracelet project. Please help as directed by Gibbs Farm staff.

If a child needs to use the restroom during a field trip (not at lunch) we ask that school staff or chaperones escort them. Restrooms are located in the Red Barn building and small white Admission’s Building (next to the parking lot).

Gibbs Farm cannot take payment for chaperone attendance the day of the field trip. Please submit payment to your child’s school or teacher.

Additional Questions?

Email Gibbs Farm Site Manager, Sammy Nelson.