Ramsey County History – Summer 2005: “Zebulon Pike and James Aird: The Explorer and the ‘Scottish Gentleman’”

Duke Addicks and James Aird

Zebulon Pike and James Aird: The Explorer and the ‘Scottish Gentleman’
Authors: Duke Addicks and James Aird

A short piece written by a fur trade reenactor (Addicks) who portrays James Aird, a Scotsman who farmed near Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. Addicks states that one of his goals is to remind visitors of the importance of Zebulon Pike. The fur trader, who is identified in Pike’s journal as a “Scottish Gentleman,” breakfasted with the lieutenant on August 28, 1805. The article includes the narrative that Addicks uses when portraying Aird. In his rendition, there is information on other people of the era, including fur traders and two Native Americans, Wabasha and Little Crow. Addicks bases his story telling on Pike’s journal and other sources and tries to convince listeners of the importance of Pike and Aird and how their meeting affected both their lives.
PDF of Addicks & Aird article