Ramsey County History Winter 2024: H. Emil Strassburger

Ramsey County History Winter 2024: H. Emil Strassburger
Nicole Foss

Volume 59, Number 1: Winter 2024

Architect of St. Paul’s West Side: H. Emil Strassburger
Author: Nicole Foss

Architectural Historian Nicole Foss grew curious about some of the old houses she passed on daily walks in her neighborhood. Curiosity led to research, which evolved into our cover story “Architect of St. Paul’s West Side: H. Emil Strassburger.” Very little has been published on the German immigrant Strassburger—until now. Most of the business blocks he designed in the late-nineteenth century are long gone, but several residences still stand tall along the West Side bluff. Strassburger’s architectural contributions to this neighborhood are significant. Foss describes Strassburger’s work and his willingness to experiment with the styles of the day, including the Richardsonian Romanesque style, brick interpretations of Stick style with Eastlake embellishments, and at least one exploration in Second Empire-inspired eclecticism.

Image of H. Emil Strassburger courtesy of John Riley.

PDF of N. Foss article

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Glossary of architectural terms noted in this article PDF

Map of buildings designed by H. Emil Strassburger on St. Paul’s West Side

Chart of H. Emil Strassburger’s structures on St. Paul’s West Side


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