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Ramsey County History Summer 2023 – Hmong Foodways

Kristina Her

Volume 58, Number 2: Summer 2023 Hmong Foodways in Ramsey County Author: Kristina Her For nearly fifty years, a large population of Hmong from Southeast Asia have called Ramsey County home. Settling into a new environment in the 1970s and ’80s was tough. Few of the earliest…

60 Stories of Maplewood History

Reviewer: John M. Lindley

60 Stories of Maplewood History Bob Jensen, editor, with Pete Boulay, Nicole DeGuzman, Elaine Ekstedt, Virginia Gaynor, Frank Gilbertson, Brenda Rudberg, Chris Soutter, and Mike Steinmetz Maplewood, MN: Maplewood Area Historical Society, 2017 125 pages; Softcover; photos and maps; $15.00; order at www.Maplewood Historical Society.org Over the years, Ramsey County History has tried…

Ramsey County Historical Society – Spring 1999: “Ramsey County History Preserved in Its Survey Office”

Ramsey County Public Information Office

Ramsey County History Preserved in Its Survey Office Author: Ramsey County Public Information Office A brief overview of the history of the surveying of public lands in Ramsey County using the rectangular grid system established in the Ordinance of 1785. In the 1890s Ramsey County was resurveyed to replace old…

Ramsey County History – Fall 1988: “A Record Setting Winter—And the Ice Harvest on Lake Owasso”

Neill J. O’Neill

A Record Setting Winter—And the Ice Harvest on Lake Owasso Author: Neill J. O’Neill As a lad in the mid-1930s, the author worked three seasons harvesting ice on Lake Owasso in suburban Ramsey County. He recalls in detail how the ice harvest worked—the equipment, the procedures, the job hierarchy,…

Ramsey County History – Fall 1968: “‘Salubrious Minnesota’—Kohlman’s Hotel and the Resort Era”

Jerome O. Schueler

 ‘Salubrious Minnesota’—Kohlman’s Hotel and the Resort Era Author: Jerome O. Schueler “People came out in these tally-hos (double-decked, horse-drawn carriages), on horseback, and in surreys with the fringe on top” to Kohlman’s Hotel on Lake Gervais in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Kohlman’s had a…


Ramsey County History – Fall 1967: “Forgotten Pioneers: Women”

Ramsey County Historical Society

Forgotten Pioneers: Women “Among the most forgotten of Ramsey County’s forgotten pioneers are the patient, courageous wives of the men who founded, settled, and built St. Paul and the surrounding communities in the county.” Mrs. Abraham Perry was among the very first, settling near Fountain Cave in 1838. Rose…


Ramsey County History – Fall 1964: “Little Canada—Heritage from the French”

Margaret Whitney Wall

Little Canada—Heritage from the French Author: Margaret Whitney Wall Most of St. Paul’s first settlers were French Canadians. Two of them, Benjamin and Genevieve Gervais, sold their downtown St. Paul land and claims in 1844 and moved north, near the lake that became Lake Gervais. Other French…