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Ramsey County School Patrol Collection

1959-2008 [2007.26]

Materials mainly consist of paper documents; typewritten, handwritten, printed, and includes newspaper clippings, badges, flags (nylon, leather, plastic, aluminum, tin, brass).

2 boxes.

Ramsey County Sheriffs Oral History Collection

2016-2017 [2017.25]

Oral history transcripts of Donald Johnson, George Katseres, Laurence Francis McDonald, Patricia Moen, Charles Zacharias and a retiree montage of 10 other employees of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, 1960-2000.

1 box.

Ramsey County Women’s Republican Club Collection

1929-1973 [1995.13]

Material consists of newspaper clippings, programs, and photographs documenting the organization, and includes booklets, reports, and handbooks.

2 boxes.

Rank (Herman J.) Diary Collection


Material consists of Rank’s diaries that he kept on trips.

1 box.

Remington (Lee) Collection

1926 [1998.7]

Material consists of a journal kept by Lee and his wife Ida during their travel on the Cunard Line and time spent in London and Paris for a stained glass tour. Also included are ship information, a menu, and their passports.

1 box.

Robinson (Marguerite) Scrapbook Collection

1920-1924 [1998.7]

Material consists of a University of Minnesota college scrapbook, which includes newspaper clippings and other memorabilia from her years at the University High School from which she graduated as the salutatorian. She and her husband, Heck W. Remington, were long-time residents of St. Anthony Park.

1 box.

Romanian Immigration and Traditions Oral History Project Collection

2013 - 2015 [2015.60]

This collection of oral history interview transcripts was created by the Romanian Immigration and Traditions Oral History Project and was carried out by Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota (HORA), in partnership with Romanian Genealogy Society and Town Square Television in 2013 and 2015.  Interviewees include: George Bobeica, Ann Bongard, Prascovia “Pasha” Bortnova, Ravzan Cornea, Monica Nedelcu-Erickson, Eugene Evasku, Max and Edith Goodman, Vasilie “Wes” Jura,  “Tantzie” Korolchuk, Mihai Lupu, Nick Manciu, Ann Logojan Murphy, Ella Martha Choban Motu, Liviu Oltean, John Omorean, Mihai and Paula Pascutoi, Georgeta Poliac, Fannie Schanfield, Serban Simian, Joseph Timothy Stoi, John Sarfolean, Dan Tau, Michai Ticiu, Philip Toconita, Jr. and Vasilie Jura.

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

Rose Township Ledger Collection

1861-1887 [2007.22]

Hand-written, bound ledgers.  Tax Duplicate of Personal Property: 1861, 1866, 1868; Assessor’s Return of Taxable Personal Property in Rose Township, 1867; Assessor’s Return of Taxable Real Property for Rose Township:  1868, 1870-1873, 1875-1878, 1886-1887;  Tax List of Real Property in Rose Township, 1874;  Tax List by Township: McLean, New Canada, White Bear, Village of White Bear, Reserve, Rose, Mounds View, 1885.

1 box.

Rose Township Records Collection


The collection consists of building, theater, and liquor licenses; treasurer and minute books;  estray (domestic, lost animals)  register; correspondence; Ramsey County Planning Commission documents; fire department correspondence and inventories; notices posted; and insurance policies for the city.

3 boxes.

Saint Paul Rotary Collection

1910-2010 [2014.44]

Materials includes minutes, financial records, membership records, The Hub newsletter, RYLA youth conference materials, activity files, and photographs.

14 boxes.