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Minnesota Club Collection

1874-1999 [1999.20]

Material consists of ledgers and other materials related to the history, development, membership, and function of the Club.

19 boxes.

Minnesota Federation of Women’s Clubs Collection


Material consists of 2 ledger books of meeting minutes and scrapbook entries about the yearly history of the club, which was organized to “make special efforts to enlist private enterprise and public officials in improvement of the river banks.”

1 box.

Minnesota Pandemic Oral History Collection

2021-2022 [2022.8]

This collection includes a brief history of the project with copies of transcripts and project documents along with six reports from those involved in the project as part of the “Learning from HIV-AIDS and Other Diseases Research Papers Project”. Eleven interviews were conducted by Portal Research’s Emil Angelica, Barbara W. Sommer, Adam Negri and transcribed by Lois Glewwe.  Interviewees include: Andrew Badley,  Mayo Clinic;  Nathan T. Chomilo, Minnesota Department of Health; Kathleen ‘Katie’ Clark, Director of the Augsburg Central Health Commons; Debra DeBruin, Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota; Jacqueline Ann “Jackie” Dionne, Director of American Indian Health, Minnesota Department of Health; Kristen Ehresmann, Minnesota Department of Health; Jonathan Hanft, Hennepin County Public Health Department; Jack Martin and Nicholas Henderson, Southside Harm Reduction Services; Kristie Rathmanner, Wright County Public Health Nurse; Kelly V. Robinson, Black Nurses Rock;  Mary C. Turner, North Memorial Medical Center and president of the Minnesota Nurses Association.

The accompanying “Learning from HIV-AIDS and Other Diseases Research Papers Project” reports include: HIV/AIDS Caregiver’s Oral History Project, An Archivist’s Perspective by Nancy MacKay; Bodies of Experience: Parallels and Lessons Learned in HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 Oral History Interviews by Adam Negri; A Discussion of Options for Framing and Presenting Oral History Findings to Maximize the Chances of Access and Use in Furthering Care and Scholarship and Oral History and Project Replicability: An HIV-AIDS Model both by Barbara W. Sommer; and Connecting the Dots: A Systemic Review of Significant Themes Found in the HIV/AIDS Caregivers Oral History Project and in Related Research and Original Participants’ Suggestions and Strategies for the HIV/AIDS Caregivers Oral History Project both by MaryKate Wolken.

SEE ALSO: HIV/AIDS Healthcare Worker Oral History Collection, 1993-2016 [2016.55]

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

MLK Tennis Buffs, Inc. Collection


This collection consists of 12 digital oral history interview transcriptions with St. Paul’s Rondo Community members: Lucille Bryant Little, Nina Zachary, Ozzie Johnson, Sondra Hickman, Vanne Owens Hayes, Hattie Black, Harold Bridgeman, Stephanie Reid, Roz Batson, Riley Washington, Tyrone Terrill and Georgia Ulmer.  The interviews conducted by Maya Washington at the direction of the MLK Tennis Buff, Inc. detail the MLK Tennis Buffs Club (c. 1975 – present day) activities at the courts at Mackubin and Iglehart streets, part of the MLK Recreation Center that opened in 1972, and became the focus of tennis education, competition, and socializing for the community.
MLK Tennis Buffs History Project Document 12-31-2019 PDF

1 digital file.

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

Monday Literary Club Collection


Material consists of club meeting minutes and programs, many are bound. The meeting minutes of the Coreopsis Branch of the Sunshine Society are also included.

1 box.

Mutual Aid for the Blind Association Collection


Material consists of personal and business-related correspondence, stock and bond receipts, membership lists, and meeting minutes.

1 box.

Naumann (Betty) Collection

1900-1939 [2010.31]

Material consists of paper documents: typewritten, handwritten and printed documents, including newspaper clippings, cards, and programs.

1 box.

Nelson (Robert) Collection

1948-1994 [2010.49]

Material consists of business and legal-size documents including handwritten and typed correspondence, occupational information, journal articles and literature, committee notes and minutes; journal articles and informational booklets, annual reports, and newspaper clippings. Robert Nelson was Director of the Ramsey County Corrections Department.

3 boxes.

Northern Pacific Beneficial Association Collection

1880-1977 [1999.14]

Material consists of health service correspondence, nurse training and class photographs, financial statements, association by laws and constitution, annual reports, minutes, and statements of health service/benefits for all locations of service and hospital sites in Missoula, Montana; Tacoma, Washington; St. Paul, Staples, and Brainerd, Minnesota.

9 boxes.

O’Brien (Patrick) Collection


Material consists of family correspondence and some business-related correspondence.

1 box.