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Ramsey County Courthouse/ Saint Paul City Hall Virtual 360 Degree Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Ramsey County Courthouse/Saint Paul City Hall!

The Art Deco Courthouse was built during the Great Depression and was dedicated in 1932. It houses the County Manager’s offices, the Ramsey County Commissioners, other offices and meeting rooms, and the courtrooms and Law Library for Ramsey County; and the Mayors Office, other offices and meeting rooms for the City of Saint Paul, including the City Council. This dual use is unusual in the country.

Start in the Lobby/Entrance Hall and use your mouse to move through the rooms of the Courthouse. The bottom left of your screen will have the various views that you can pick from. Click on the circles for more information on selected objects.

There are four areas that you can tour:

We hope that you will enjoy this virtual tour of the Ramsey County Courthouse/Saint Paul City Hall!

Union Depot Virtual Tour

The renovated Union Depot in Lowertown St. Paul is one of the highlights of the city. Take a virtual tour of this beautifully renovated space, learn about the of the building and the railroads that played a pivotal part in the history of St. Paul. You’ll also be able to see some of the public art that was commissioned during the renovation.

Bethesda Hospital Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Bethesda Hospital. Recently used as a COVID-19 hospital, Bethesda was purchased by the County and is being renovated to supply space for the homeless. The tours show the hospital after the patients and staff had left, but before renovation.