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Falcon Heights Senior Apartment Collection

2005-2017 [2019.66.1]

The collection includes 12 years of resident names and their planned activities in the building with photographs of the building and the activities.

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Field-Schlick, Inc. Collection

1867-1985 [2011.23.1]

Material consists of business materials documenting the growth and evolution of the company, including partnership agreements, incorporation documents, property records and deeds, correspondence, meeting minutes, leases, financial and stock reports, fashion event flyers and other publicity, catalogs, and photographs. Merchandise samples and Schlick family Winter Carnival materials are also included.

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Forest Lawn Cemetery Histories Collection

Persons described 1850s, materials assembled 2000 [[2022.1]]

Collection contains computer-printed or photocopied materials in 10 folders:  Census data, death certificates, interment cards/proofs of interment, receipts for grave plot purchases, newspaper articles, Wikipedia articles, book excerpts, historical photographs, obituaries, memorial documents, scripts, personal notes, personal correspondence, publicity leaflets/flyers, etc.  Occasional handwritten annotations.

Contents include: Alfred J. and Walter Abel; Charles H. and Harry S. Bronson; Charles S. Bunker; Bror Kronborg (Kronberg); Martin Edgar Youngquist ; Victorian Grave Symbolism; New Canada Residents; Soldiers at Forest Lawn; Treestones at Forest Lawn; Union Members.

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G. Sommers Catalog Collection

1914-1935 [1998.2.1]

Material consists of bound catalogs similar to Sears, includes an annual school and stationary supply catalog.

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Gavel Club Collection


Materials consist of business-related and generated documents, including meeting agendas and minutes, financial records, newsletters, and yearbooks.

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Gibbs Family Collection


Materials include family correspondence, mostly handwritten, family histories and genealogical information. Also included are farm records, financial records, property records, newspaper articles, and interviews. Books that belonged to the family are a part of this collection.

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Grace Family Collection

1859-2010 [2010.17.1]

Materials include the personal financial and estate records of John Grace, Ramsey County Sheriff 1870-1876; receipts and check stubs documenting Grace family transactions as well as many St. Paul business concerns from the 1860s to the late 1880s; bonds, insurance policies, tax receipts, wills, and photographs (2012.17.2 – 2012.17.15) also document the Grace family. The collection includes correspondence and business course ledgers and journals from son, John Grace while at Notre Dame University in the 1870s; estate matters of the James Duffy (handled by John Grace) and the Cody-Buckley estate; an 1871 circular on Minnesota state bonds; a 5th annual convention of the C.T.A. Union (Catholic Temperance Association) ribbon (June 21, 1876) ; a Rand McNally railroad guide (1890); and oversize Insurance Policies (1880-1885).

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Great Northern Railroad and Glacier National Park Collection

1938-2000 [2019.26]

This collection consists of catalogs, books, proof sheets, brochures, maps, and photo prints documenting the artistic work of Winold Reiss. Descriptive information on Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Tribe are also included. Winold Reiss was especially known for his graphic designs and portraits of the Blackfeet Indians of Glacier National Park. In this collection, books and catalogs detail and describe Reiss’s work with them and prints of some are included.

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Hand In Hand Productions Collection

1942-2006 [2015.34.1]

This collection contains oral history interview transcripts with longtime residents of the Rondo Community who discuss neighborhood businesses, families, churches, schools, organizations, social life, and the challenges of growing up in St. Paul from the 1920s through the 1960s. The Rondo Community is an urban neighborhood located on the plateau above and west of St. Paul’s downtown commercial district, which was bisected in the 1960s by the construction of I-94, which resulted in the removal of approximately 750 homes and 90% of the commercial businesses. These transcripts include photographs of the interviewee as well as Rondo neighborhood scenes. Also included are historical articles on African-American history in St. Paul, collected by interviewer Kate Cavett, as well as files documenting the founding of Hand in Hand Productions.

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Hauerwas (Marcella) – St. Paul Hiking Club Collection

1920-1966 [2008.34]

Material consists of monthly newsletters of the St. Paul Hiking Club (August 1942- December 1945), black and white photos and color slides (2008.44.2-2008.44.32) from the personal collection of Marcella Hauerwas (1906- 1974), an active member of the St. Paul Hiking Club during the time period reflected in this collection.

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