Ramsey County History – Winter 2006: “My Years at the Andahazy School of Ballet”

Sandra Snell Weinberg

My Years at the Andahazy School of Ballet
Author: Sandra Snell Weinberg

At the age of eleven, the author took her first lessons at the Andahazy School of Classical Ballet at 1680 Grand Avenue. She was thrilled and read all the books she could find on dance. The Andahazy teachings were based on classical Russian ballet. Mrs. Andahazy was a disciplinarian and the first female American to be accepted into the Ballet Russe. Weinberg remembered the full-length mirrors in the studio in the 1950s and dance concerts at Northrup Auditorium. Many of the Andahazy students went to camp Ballet Borealis in Northern Minnesota. Weinberg recalls blistered feet, lessons in applying makeup, dress rehearsals, and making life-long friends. Two sidebars from Del Carter and Stanley Hubbard contain their memories of the Andahazys.
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