Ramsey County History – Winter 2022: “‘We Learn What We Live and Live What We Learn:’ Growing Up at 1022 Rondo Avenue”

Marion Jones Kennon

“We Learn What We Live and Live What We Learn:” Growing Up at 1022 Rondo Avenue
Author: Marion Jones Kennon

When reflecting on our lives, our childhood memories often stand out with clarity. For St. Paul-native Marion Jones Kennon, it’s the remembrance of long-ago days growing up at 1022 Rondo Avenue that she holds close to her heart. She can still scamper through the alley to Oxford and south five blocks to the J. J. Hill School in her mind, and the aroma of a hearty vegetable soup simmering on a stovetop always transports her back into her mother’s warm and welcoming kitchen. Kennon continues to live by some of her parents’ favorite sayings and lessons, and she keeps in touch with a few friends she played tag with when they were but eight years old. Enjoy this sensory walk down memory lane. Kennon’s story is sure to invoke fond memories for you, our readers, as well.
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