Justus Ramsey House

The preservation of the Justus Ramsey House on 7th Street in Saint Paul has been a matter of public debate for months. As of this writing, the Justus Ramsey house is protected by a court order from being demolished. This legal protection is not absolute, though it sounds like some form of compromise solution is going to be implemented. RCHS will periodically provide updates via this page and its Facebook pages.

Your Ramsey County Historical Society supports historic preservation and has provided testimony on several occasions supporting the preservation of the Justus Ramsey House. That said, RCHS takes a supporting role during these situations as there are multiple organizations in our community that are focused on this issue. Historic St. Paul, Rethos, St. Paul Heritage Preservation Commission, and the State Historic Preservation Office all call Saint Paul home. These groups are engaged with neighborhood associations, businesses, and private citizens to advocate for preservation, and they do great work.

You can read about the current situation and additional background in the articles below. I encourage you stay informed and stay in touch with your elected officials, they should know how you feel about this situation as it may impact their future choices. For those looking to contribute time or resources to historic preservation, I can also recommend Historic St. Paul and Rethos, both non-profits and committed to the cause of historic preservation.

Chad Roberts
President & CEO
Ramsey County Historical Society

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