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Ramsey County History – Fall 2020: “Born in Ukraine: Sculptor Antin Pavlos”

Janice Quick

Born in Ukraine: Sculptor Antin Pavlos Author: Janice Quick Sculptor Antin Pavlos was one of many Ukrainians who came to St. Paul following World War II to escape the looming threat of Communism. He took a job with St. Paul Statuary upon his arrival in the late…

Ramsey County History – Fall 1991: “Forgotten Pioneer: Abraham Perry and the Story of His Flock”

Patrick R. Martin

Forgotten Pioneer: Abraham Perry and the Story of His Flock Author: Patrick R. Martin The story of early settler Abraham Perry, written by a great-great-great-great grandson. Perry (born Perret) was lured from Switzerland to the Selkirk Colony in Manitoba in 1820. When that failed, he and family came to Fort…