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Grasshoppers in My Bed: Lillie Belle Gibbs, Minnesota Farm Girl 1877

Terry Swanson, Author and Peggy Stern, Illustrator

It is 1876—Christmas day—which just happens to be the eleventh birthday of Lillie Belle Gibbs. Her mother and father present her with a new journal. Now she must decide how to fill the pages. Grasshoppers in her bed, a smudge pot to keep the mosquitos at bay, the one-room schoolhouse…

Mairs & Power at 90: A Rich History, A Bright Future

Dave Beal

Over the last nine decades, nearly all the firms in the tumultuous and unforgiving financial services industry have been rolled up, split up, spun out, or blown up. A shining exception: St. Paul’s Mairs & Power, the oldest continuously independent investment management firm in Minnesota and one of relatively few…

Great Northern Iron: James J. Hills’s 109-Year Mining Trust

James A. Stolpestad

Revealing for the first time a story hidden from public view for a century, award-winning historian James A. Stolpestad and the Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS) present the history of Great Northern Iron Ore Properties formed in 1906 by James J. Hill and Louis W. Hill to acquire, manage, and…

Fort Snelling and the Civil War – SOLD OUT!

Stephen E. Osman

Over one hundred fifty years ago, our state offered the first volunteers to defend the Union in the fight against slavery. Every Minnesota soldier passed through historic Fort Snelling to the fighting. Using detailed research and first-hand accounts, Stephen E. Osman’s new book, Fort Snelling and the Civil War, tells…

Custom House: Restoring a Saint Paul Landmark in Lowertown

James A. Stolpestad

OUT OF STOCK Chronicling the history and revival of the historic Art Deco Post Office building on Kellogg Avenue, this full-color book features over 220 maps, historic photos, and other images, with engaging writing by author and historian James A. Stolpestad. Exhaustively researched, beautifully presented, and full of insights,…

The German Friend: War and Postwar Letters from German Anti-Nazi Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein to American Hans Christian, 1942-1947

John W. Larson

The German Friend tells the fascinating story of Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein through his letters to his American friend, John W. Larson, (known to his family and friends by the nickname Hans Christian). The letters cover not only politics, but philosophy, ideals, and the day-to-day activities of the two men.


John B. Sanborn: Speeches and Addresses

John Sanborn with John Lindley

Between 1869 and 1887, General John B. Sanborn (1826–1904) published ten speeches and addresses that ranged from the genealogy of the Sanborn family to his service in the Civil War to his efforts after the war to establish peace between the federal government and a number of Indian tribes of…

For the Good of the Order: Nick Coleman and the High Tide of Liberal Politics in Minnesota, 1971-1981

John Watson Milton

This book chronicles Nick Coleman’s role in the legislative cauldron that resulted in Minnesota being recognized throughout the country as “the state that works.” Coleman provided the vision and leadership that enacted social and economic programs and inspired voter support that sent Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, and Walter Mondale to…

The Dutiful Son: Louis W. Hill-Life in the Shadow of the Empire Builder, James J. Hill

Biloine (Billie) W. Young with Eileen R. McCormack

Author Biloine (Billie) W. Young and researcher Eileen McCormack bring to light the extraordinary life and contributions of Louis W. Hill Sr., the second son of James J. Hill. Following the death of his father, Louis took on the management of the Great Northern Railway and banking empire, became the…