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Ramsey County History – Summer 2022: “Bob Brown: ‘Paint What You See'”

Paul Nelson

Bob Brown: “Paint What You See” Author: Paul Nelson This is the story of a solitary St. Paul resident named Bob Brown. Attempting to make a living in the midst of the Great Depression was difficult, to say the least, but Brown took long walks around the…

Ramsey County History – Winter 2022: Forgotten to Time? The Search for Scottie Primus Davis

Steve Trimble and Scottie P. Davis

Forgotten to Time? The Search for Scottie Primus Davis Author: Steve Trimble It is said that a supportive family, caring friends, and strong mentors can influence the person we become. Such was the case with young Scottie Primus Davis, who spent her formative years in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ramsey County History – Summer 2015: Letters to the Editor

Ramsey County Historical Society

Letters to the Editor PDF of Letters to the Editor…


Ramsey County History – Winter 2015: “October 1857: The Kochendorfers Arrive in St. Paul”

Daniel C. Munson

October 1857: The Kochendorfers Arrive in St. Paul Author: Daniel C. Munson Johan and Catherine Kochendorfers were German immigrant farmers in central Illinois who along with their four children moved to Minnesota Territory in 1857. In November of that year, Catherine wrote a long letter in German to her…

Ramsey County History Podcast #3 – Fall 2014: The German Friend; MNopedia

Paul Nelson, John Larson, and Molly Huber

The German Friend; MNopedia Part 1: What can an anti-Nazi writer and intellectual, exiled in the United States, do for his beloved Germany? Nearly eighty years ago, Prince Hubertus zu Lowenstein visited St. Paul and met Hamline University student John Larson. A lifelong friendship and flood of…

Ramsey County History – Summer 2014: “The Stork Family in St. Paul, 1914–1916”

Rebecca A. Mavencamp

The Stork Family in St. Paul, 1914–1916 Author: Rebecca A. Mavencamp William E. and Grace C. Stork moved to St. Paul from western Minnesota in 1903 along with their children, Florence C. and Norman Clinton. They built a home in the western part of the city near the Mississippi…

The German Friend: War and Postwar Letters from German Anti-Nazi Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein to American Hans Christian, 1942-1947

John W. Larson

The German Friend tells the fascinating story of Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein through his letters to his American friend, John W. Larson, (known to his family and friends by the nickname Hans Christian). The letters cover not only politics, but philosophy, ideals, and the day-to-day activities of the two men.


Ramsey County History – Spring 2012: “‘As if in a Law Office in Illinois:’ An Interview with President Lincoln”

John B. Sanborn

“As if in a Law Office in Illinois:” An Interview with President Lincoln Author: John B. Sanborn This short article is an excerpt from John B. Sanborn’s 1887 autobiographical address titled, “Reminiscences of the Campaigns Against Vicksburg.” Sanborn served as a colonel in the Union Army in the Civil…

Ramsey County History – Winter 2012: “Louis Hill to Henry Ford: “No Deal!” Henry Ford and the William Crooks”

Brian McMahon

Louis Hill to Henry Ford: “No Deal!” Henry Ford and the William Crooks Author: Brian McMahon Henry Ford was born and raised on a farm and always preached the value of the rural life and character. Ironically, his Model T automobile (first produced in 1908), more than anything, was…